4 Most Important Reasons Your Business Needs A Website


Considering the day to day activities involved, it is not an overstatement to say running your own business is quite challenging and a no-easy task. Nevertheless, you would be leaving a great deal on the table if you do not have your business visible online. Research shows that 84% of people who consume a product or the other today are of the opinion that a business with a website is more credible than a business that depends solely on social media page. From a personal point of view, I feel more secure when I have access to a website before purchasing their product or use their services. Starting with a website of your own would strongly position your business online presence.
Let’s have a look at four most important reasons your business needs a website.

First Impression Counts

There is a synergy between technology and humans. As humans, the way we see and do things keeps evolving as technology advances. Nowadays, many use search engines like Google and Bing to locate stores and products online without having to stroll down the main street or travel. Having an website where both existing and potential consumers could go to interact with your products gives a positive impression about your business and all it represent. It validates your product and give consumers the impression that you know what you are doing. Also, providing the opportunity to learn about you and interact with your products and services help build trust between your brand and your consumers.

Your Business Need To Be Found

Not having a functional website poses a great threat to your business growth as many people both locally and globally who engages search engines to find answers to questions, locate products or services will not be able to find what you offer. This leads to loss as it becomes difficult to attract new customers or users as well as keep existing ones. Also, having a central location where your address, phone number, business email, contact form, reviews, products or services list, portfolio etc. are stored gives room for people to easily reach out to you.

Website Allows You To Compete

In this age, you are not being competitive if your brand is not on the internet, meaning you are missing out on a lot of opportunities. Getting a website is a strong step forward in positioning your business and brand in an ideal environment for success. Your website is the gateway to your brand. With a functional site, you improve the possibility of making your brand appear in search results whenever people across the world engage search engines for related product or service.

Cost-Effective Marketing

The cost of setting up a website might appear a big spend on your small business’ budget but it is worth the investment most especially when you consider the fact that your website is marketing your business every hour of the day whether you are personally active or not and could be visible to a large number of people across the world if well and fully optimized. This in turn improves the number of visitors and conversion rate on your site on a regular basis.

“When you have your own website,

you have a lot more control”.

There’s a lot of benefit in taking your business beyond just a social media page. With a website of your own, you showcase your professionalism, express all that your brand or business is about with quality and valuable content (gallery, video, images, text, design, quotes, etc.), position your brand for success, get your business in the face of potential customers, 24/7/365 brand marketing, provide immovable platform for visitors to interact with your brand 24/7 and many more.

Why You Fail Before You Start

Be it a work-out practice, learning a new thing or even going into a business, starting out could be quite a challenge. We mostly think failure comes only when we start a thing. But this is not completely true as one can fail even before starting out. You might want to ask, “how’s that even possible?” Well, in this article, we’ll examine four major reasons why people fail before they start a business.

Profit in business

Everyone resonates with growth. No one begins a thing and pre-purpose it failure. You imagine what your business looks like in a year or two, or even in five years from before you start it. Profit is key as it is undoubtedly one of the measures of accomplishment in business. It improves your working capital, attracts investors to your business and grow it. But as much as profitability is an essential measure of business growth and one everyone hope to experience when starting out, it is not the ultimate, in fact, it is not a reason at all to start a business in the first place. You might have just created a pitfall if driven only by what you see your business become in future and not how your business impact people’s well-being and sustainability.

Failure mindset

In my opinion, this is perhaps the most important reason why many fail before starting out any thing such as writing a book, learning a musical instrument, carrying out an experiment, starting a business, organizing a conference, or any venture whatsoever. Your success or failure is largely dependent on your mindset other than what you actually do. Mindset is simply a way of thinking. In other words, it’s a mental inclination or disposition, or a frame of mind. Holy book clearly states that, “As a man thinks in his heart so is he.” This means you are already the way you think whether you think failure or success! One common trait that is consistent among the most successful and influential people all over the world is that they think differently. They see possibilities and opportunities when others see failure. To them, nothing is impossible; every mountain can be surmounted. And for you who desire to be successful, ensure you have the right mindset; be optimistic about things working out. We can’t always ascertain that everything you set out to do will be successful, however, having a success mindset will help you see those failures as lessons and not something to make you depressed or weary. Afterall, failure is not failure until you admit it is. Steve Maraboli puts it well by saying, “once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change along with it.” This also includes the outcomes of your life. Success is a mindset. Learn to create a positive one!

Lack of adequate preparation

It’s not enough to have the right mindset, it’s also expedient to prepare adequately before you start a business. Proper planning prevents poor performance. For someone who intends to run a digital marketing agency, it’s important to have a clear understanding of what skillset you need to acquire to be successful, equipping yourself with the latest online marketing tools that will help drive your client goals. What do you want to produce and who are you producing it for? What’s the rate of competition? How do you get ready market for your business? How can you make the most profit while delivering the best products and services? You need to have definite answers to these questions and more if you want to succeed. Maybe yours is even writing a book. It’s important to know what makes best seller books stand out. Decide on your area of interest. Ask relevant questions. Understand the best route to publish your book. Do your due diligence before starting anything and by this, you will be on the right course towards achieving success. Starting without proper planning is synonymous to igniting a car without enough fuel for the journey. I bet you don’t want to be stranded, hence, the reason for adequate preparation.

Listening to negative voices around

Maybe you have the right mindset, prepared adequately and ready to be of service to people, you should also guard your mind with all diligence. Be mindful of the people you move with and what moves you. Are they helping you achieve your individual or cooperate goals? Or they are telling you why it’s not going to work? You want to short out every negative voice around you because if you don’t, your chances of success will be sabotaged. In a world full of hurting people who are constantly hurting other people with their words, actions and inactions, arming yourself with the right people especially those going where you want to be is golden! When you feel discouraged, your motivation will be restored whenever you’re with them, and you also can be a source of motivation to others as well.

Your chances of success will be increased if you understand that the beauty of every human is in service rendering, developing a success mindset, preparing adequately and then shorting out every negative and demotivating voice around you. When all this are in place, here’s a final word of advice, START IT! Don’t wait anymore! Get into it already so that you can actually see the success you envisaged!